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05/07 my trip today

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cost: $1.04

i bought:
    carefree 22 ct $.99
    kotex pantiliners 20 ct $.99
    ge compact fluorescent bulbs $2
    ge compact fluorescent bulbs $2
    motrin pm 20 ct $5.49
    everlast defense supplement $19.99
    everlast defense supplement $0 (bogo sale)
    everlast recovery supplement $19.99
    everlast energy supplement $0 (bogo sale)
    altoids $1.99
    altoids $1.99
    altoids $1.99
subtotal $57.42

used coupons:=$2.44 + $.60 tax

will receive:
    $2 scr #96 wyb 2 ge compact fluorescent bulbs 4/25-5/01

$3.04 oop - $2 scr = $1.04

notes:so i went into the store planning to do 2 transactions. but they were out of the synovium. then i thought i could still do 2 transactions because i still had over $40 of stuff. (so i can use a $5 off $20 on each transaction.) but then, as i'm being rung up, i realized my totals would be negative without the synovium! so i put everything together in 1 transaction and still had to add stuff from the gum rack. it looks like i actually only needed 2 altoids though...

so it really was a waste because i could have gotten $4 worth of something useful instead of altoids - but i can't be too mad since the cost was only $1.04!

still this is not a bad example transaction, because you can replace the altoids with $4 of pretty much anything from the store and get it all free!

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